A Road Less Traveled????

March 2, 2015

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure.  There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”  Jawaharlal Nehru

I have a sneaking suspicion that my husband is planning to move us off the grid. Lately, he has been reading A LOT of survival novels and tells me things like, “Don’t worry Megs, when we get stranded somewhere deserted, I’ll know how to get a fire started out of palm leaves and sugar and I know how to make drinkable water out of a straw and piece of cloth.” Recently, he just finished a SCIENCE FICTION, notice the word fiction, novel called The Martian, where a man is stranded on Mars after a failed mission and has to figure out how to get back home to Earth. Dan, my husband of 2 and half glorious years, let me know that this character taught him some valuable things about satellites and aerospace engineering, but some of his tactics were a little unrealistic and impossible. I’m just glad he is finding some useful information in the event that we are forced to vacate Earth and move to another planet for some particular reason.

Last night I was going through the On-Demand and I saw his recently viewed playlist. What I saw on that list only solidifies my feelings that in the next ten years I will be an Alaskan Bushperson… or maybe a Mars Bushperson. Dan loves to watch shows that deal with the open terrain. Shows like: Alaskan Bushpeople, Dual Survival, Gold Rush, Survivor Man, and Alaska: The Final Frontier are some of his guilty pleasures! I wish I found these shows appealing but all I see are people that could be cast members from horror movies like The Hills Have Eyes or The People Under the Stairs. Although I do not see literal pen and paper note-taking, I strongly believe there is some mental note-taking in progress when these shows are on and it’s hilarious. I love it! He sits Indian ( I mean Native American) style,  with a blanket around him,  while eating cereal right in front of the TV, watching so attentively. He’s like a little boy watching Saturday Morning cartoons (remember those???). His “What he would do instead” comments crack me up and make me proud to call him my husband. And hey, I ‘de rather him watch these weirdoes than watch porn, or basically anything on  the E channel, or even more disturbingly , TLC. Maybe he is trying to send out a hint that we need to go to Alaska which would be both mind settling and adventurous!

However, if there is a time when I come home from work and find him building a bomb shelter or a space ship, I may have to put a kibosh on some of the survival shows.


12 thoughts on “A Road Less Traveled????

  1. Megan, first of all, there is NOTHING wrong with TLC. 🙂

    My husband watches these shows, too, but not with the intensity of your husband! I fear for you, I really do. Although I do think you’d make a great Bushwoman….

    Great Slice – had me chuckling the whole way through!


  2. Haha isn’t it great when we can just be happy with what our husbands are doing and think, “Hey it could be worse!” My husband watches cooking shows all day, which is fine with me because then he cooks me all those meals! I’ll take it!


  3. Keep a sharp eye out for signs of gathering materials. I am facing a some of the same kind of talk, but it is of little houses. Uh, no! I’m not downsizing to one of those trailer sized homes. I need places of my own in my house.

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  4. My husband loves Dual Survival- I’ll have to pay closer attention to his attention. lol. Your voice comes through so clearly in this piece. Love it!


  5. I am picturing Dan like a little kid in front of the TV and secretly scared because Jay also is obsessed with these shows….no stockpiling yet, so hopefully in safely on the grid for a while:) Great Slice!!!!

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    1. I can;t find your comment section but I wanted to say that I never really knew what PKU is and I’m glad I read your blog. Not glad what is happening to Timmy though! Hope all is well!

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  6. “And hey, I ‘de rather him watch these weirdoes than watch porn, or basically anything on the E channel, or even more disturbingly , TLC. ”

    I was waiting for this…and you didn’t let me down! This is why I randomly stop in your classroom at time. I can always use a good laugh and your sense of humor always succeeds in making me do just that!

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