Mornings: Oh How You Have Changed

March 4, 2015

The morning always has a way of creeping up on me and peeking in my bedroom window. The sunrise is such a pervert.

-Jarod Kintz

As I was up this morning (3:00 am), I realized something. My morning’s routine has changed tremendously over the two decades!

Mornings during Elementary School: 7:15- Woke up to mom’s whispering, “Meggy Butt, time to get up and learn new things!” I’de jump out of bed. Breakfast was hot and ready, sponge rollers were taken out (My mom really wanted me to have curly hair), hair nicely done, teeth brushed, outfit changed, grabbed my already packed lunch (my mom ruled) off the table, out the door by 8:00.

Mornings during Junior High: 7:15-Woke up to mom’s screaming, “Meeeeeeggggaaaannn! Time to get up! Make good choices today, Don’t get in a fight with the girls and don’t listen to what Katie says, you don’t look like Janis the Muppet!”  I would hesitantly roll out of bed, Breakfast was still hot and ready, Used the hot rollers to curl my hair, tried to sneak out with my sister’s makeup on, she would catch me and all hell would break loose, teeth brushed, outfit changed, grabbed already packed lunch off the table (seriously, my mom ruled), grabbed backpack, out the door by 8:00.

Mornings during High School: 7:15-“Meeeeegggaaann! Meeeeeggggaaannn! You’re ride is here!!!! Why aren’t you up already?!?!?! I found a pack of cigarettes in your pants yesterday. You’re grounded this weekend!”  I forcefully slid out of bed. Breakfast was now a box of cereal left on the table with an empty bowl and clean spoon next to it. I shovel the food into my mouth, I throw my uniform skirt on  over my shorts that I wore to bed. Already have my uniform shirt  and socks on from putting them on the night before to ensure 2 more minutes of sleep, brush teeth, my hair gets tossed into a messy bun, stick a pen and pencil in the bun for the day, grab  my backpack, as well as lunch and gas money from my mom (what a lady, huh?) run out the door. In my friend’s car by 7:20, at school by 7:45am.

Mornings in College: wake up anywhere from 8:00ish to noonish- Woke up to the worst beeping sound an alarm can make. Stumble out of bed, try to remember what I did last night? Why my ankle hurts? Why is my forehead bruised? Where’s my pants? Throw my hair in a messy bun, spray some terrible Bath and Body Works spray to cover the bad choices from the night before, grab my roommate’s food, look for my cigarettes, call my mom to tell her I need money to buy groceries and she tells me, “Get a job,” but then sends money( Because like a I said My mom is awesome), look for my backpack, out the door anywhere from 8:15-2:00ish.

Mornings Before Work without a Child: Wake up at 6:00 am to the soothing sounds of Nature in the Forest from my cell phone. get a good stretch in, Make my coffee, grade some papers, drink my coffee, Maybe have a cigarette if I feel like it, watch WGN News in the morning because they’re hilarious, walk the dog, take a shower, make my lunch, eat a bagel, put some makeup on, throw my hair in pony tail, Give myself the old, “You’re Awesome!” pep talk in the mirror, walk out the door by 7:15 feeling energized and ready to go!

Mornings Before Work with Child: 2:00 am “Whaaaa! Whaaa,” I open one eye, lift head to look at the monitor. Baby is standing in crib screaming at the top of her lungs, I stumble in there to nurse her, she thankfully falls asleep within twenty minutes, I crash back into bed.

3:00 am cough, cough, cough, wake up, I first look at my husband to see if that grown man cough is coming from him. He’s passed out cold. I look at the monitor, she just coughed out her binky. I stealthily move to replace it before she realizes she doesn’t have it in her mouth anymore and starts screaming. I Tip-toe back to bed, slide under sheets and begin to think about all the things I have to get done that day. I have to pack lunch and breakfast for the baby, husband, and myself, decide what outfits the baby and I will wear give a test, prepare for a science experiment, call the doctor because that cough doesn’t sound good, pay bills, prep my students for PARCC testing, take out frozen meat to defrost for dinner, think about what I am going to wear…oh wait I did that already.

4:00- am Debating if I should even try to go back to sleep because the baby might wake up any minute. Decide to wake up, put coffee on, start doing the many things that kept me up the hour before, get a morning snack for the baby ready, get the dog’s food ready, let the dog out (sorry about the rare walks now buddy), shower (god willing), wonder how my mom did it while I’m in the shower. Dan wakes up around 4:45, gets ready, watches ESPN, leaves for work by 5:00

5:00 am- baby wakes up. Wants to show her amazing rolling skills while I try to change her diaper as I silently commend single mothers, Give The baby her snack, get ready while she takes ten minutes to eat the snack, take her out of her chair, barricade her from the dog’s food she is so interested in, put her in her room to play while I put some makeup on, she gets out of her room, takes my socks, my cell phone, my brush and puts it into any container she can find (toilets, garbage cans, the dog’s water bowl), steals a handful of dog food, and shoves it into her mouth, tries to show her amazing tumbling skills while I change her clothes,  wish I still smoked cigarettes so I could release stress. I change myself while she chews on the monitor, start the car while she eats puffs, put her in her car seat, run out the door with whatever I can grab for lunch, drop her off at daycare, refuse to leave right away because she is doing something adorable, get to work by 7:40.

Wow, have times changed!


5 thoughts on “Mornings: Oh How You Have Changed

  1. I agree with Elsie, this was a fun read. I chuckled the whole way through. I often feel the same when I look at my life. What the hell happened? But then, just like you, I realize what happened and thank goodness. 🙂

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  2. Megan-
    First of all, I love WGN news. Watch it for a few minutes every morning.
    Second, my blog today was about my lack of sleep since kids. It was not as in depth as yours, but I was definitely doing a comparison in my head of the then vs. now.
    I relate to you completely!

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