My Little Love Bug Has a Nasty Stomach Bug

March 16, 2015

My little one was sick all weekend that’s why I haven’t been on. I feel confident it’s not the paper towels she has been feasting on whenever she gets the chance. A little stomach bug is going around. So far it has hit my one year old and now my husband. My husband does quite well with the pain but I get so sad looking at my little one and how distraught she is with this bug. She looks at me hoping I can magically make her feel better and all I can do is feed her cheerios, water and tons of hugs. I can’t wait until she’s old enough for ginger ale and chicken soup. I also hope this bug doesn’t affect me until Friday because that’s when I’ll be done with the stupid state assessment.


3 thoughts on “My Little Love Bug Has a Nasty Stomach Bug

  1. I hate it when little ones are sick, especially when they can’t tell you where it hurts or how to ease their pain. I hope you can stay well because you’ve got people who need you, not just your school kids.


  2. Hahahahahahaha. This is not funny. It’s just the end parcc part that got me. Oh poor girl! It’s going around bad. We had a version of it already two weeks ago? Wishing well to her. Sick babies are heartbreaking.


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