Irish Eyes Are Smiling

March 17, 2015

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody! This is my favorite Irish poem/song since I was little. I thought I would share it with ya! Reminds me of my mom. She had the most beautiful eyes and they always seemed to be smilin’!

 When Irish Eyes are smilin’

And Irish smiles are big,

When Irish hearts are hopeful,

And the piper plays a jig.

When Irish stew is bubblin’

And the soda bread is hot,

And Irish tea is steepin’

In a little Irish pot.

When the room is warm with laughter

And the songs are bright and bold,

And there’s poetry and magic

In the stories that are told.

Isn’t it a blessing and isn’t it just grand

To know a little part of you belongs to Ireland!


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