Must Love Dogs

“If you’re not a dog person, I’m not a you person!”

Megan Rohan

Murphy and Mommy

I decided to quote myself today because this is something I tend to say and think quite often. I feel that when people tell me they are not a dog person, I want to bite them in the face and tell them I’m not a people person! But where would that get us, huh? I also want to explain my quote so that way if you don’t own a dog, you don’t think I dislike you.  If you are allergic to dogs, have been attacked by a dog, or know someone who may have fallen victim to a dog in some way or another, you’re  also off the hook!  I feel that some people blame an entire species on one incident and it kind of reminds me of oh I don’t know: racial bias and hurdles we as humans cannot jump over, or perhaps even religious persecution that so many man-made wars have derived from.  I had a miserable experience with watching my sister’s cat Fedro  once but I still like the cat as an animal nonetheless.  Personally I feel Fedro can suck it though!

I also 100% understand I’m biased because I am the proud owner of an amazing, loyal, and beautiful 70 pound pit bull/lab mix, named Murphy. Murphy is my first child and my husband’s first love.  Murphy is a dog who was dealt a bad deck of cards for his first months of life but still shows unconditional love to anyone who comes near him.  I always found it funny when I walked him around the city and anyone who was on the same side of the street as us would causally cross the street in fear that Murphy would viciously attack them. In a way, I guess it felt comforting to know that no one was going to mess with me or my badass dog but I did have the urge to leave my dog sitting quietly on the corner while I chased them barking incessantly!

Murphy being cute

husband got Murphy from a kill shelter where the people who run the place dognap abused or neglected dogs while the horrendous owner was out or just not around for their pet. These people that I consider heroes would case out these animals after receiving tips from others about the mistreated dogs. The shelter observed Murphy for a week tied to a tree with little food and water. They came to the conclusion that either Murphy was a runt of his litter and would be no use in dog fights or even worse, he would be the bait dog for the dogs training to fight and most likely kill. So, they stealthily rescued him in the middle of the night. When they brought him back to the shelter and observed him and the rope burns around his neck, they came to the conclusion that Murphy was tied to that tree for several weeks to possible months.

When my husband went  to adopt a dog, Murphy kept coming up to him and trying to play. My husband had no intention of getting Murphy. He wanted a dog he could just lay with and be lazy with, but Murphy’s infectious personality wooed him.  After hearing Murphy’s back story, my husband was hooked! He didn’t regret the decision even after Murphy used the back seat as his bathroom and barf bucket.

Murphy and Daddy

When people hear about what Murphy went through, they always ask how he would be with a baby. Would he attack her, snap at her, clasp his jaws around her neck?  Nope, he’s in love with her just as much as she is in love with him.  They play together and share toys and food (although I wish she would stop eating his food). They are brother and sister!IMG_5568


3 thoughts on “Must Love Dogs

  1. I have terrible allergies, but I would never say I’m not a dog person. I just have bad pet allergies. I LOVE dogs (and wish I could have one.) Murphy sounds wonderful! Love that photo of him with your little one.

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