Wrestle Me Judy vs. He-man, Skeletor, and the glass table (A Throwback Thursday Slice)

“By the power of Grayskull, I have the power!”


Wrestle Me Judy was my stage name for whenever I chose to be a super hero, world class wrestler, or sometimes the name I gave my Barbie when my friend, Vera, named her Barbie something really cool. I have absolutely no idea where or why I created this name but it made my brother, sisters, and the neighborhood kids laugh so I just went with it.

My mother seldom got the chance to go out with friends, so when that rare opportunity to meet up with the ladies came, my dad offered to stay home with the kids. My brother had a wrestling tournament the next day so he and my father were practicing some moves to help him prepare for the big meet. I was incapable of entertaining myself so I NEEDED to practice with them while I wore my brand new Care Bear night gown that I absolutely loved. To get me to stop nagging them and to stop pouting about how, “NO FUN” they were, they decided to trick me into thinking I was playing with them by telling me that we will play He-Man and She-Ra. Since I thought Wrestle Me Judy was way more of a badass name than She-Ra was I gave my sister, Michele, the title of She-ra  (she was on the phone and didn’t seem to care either way). I took on the form of the almighty, all powerful Wrestle Me Judy. Wrestle Me Judy had to face the evil Skeletor (my dad) in order to save He-man (my brother) from an untimely death. At least that’s what I thought was going on. My dad and brother were still working on different ways to pin the opponent so obviously they were NOT paying attention to my momentum building and couch jumping. Just as I took my enormous and courageous leap off the couch to save He-Man, Skeletor was in the process of flipping him and knocked into me, which caused a collision that sent me flying through the air and  into the glass coffee table. What I remember next is my dad carrying me and telling me, “Shhh, It’s ok, you’re ok, everything is fine, shhh,” while my brother and sisters checked for shards of glass sticking out of me. My dad was telling me to, “shake it off, it’s fine,” while my sister noticed that my clavicle bone did not sit in the same place on the right side as it did on the left side. At that very point, my mother came stampeding through the door (I don’t know if she heard my screams from down the block or had a telepathic sense) and started screaming at my dad. When their bickering ended, we  then took a family trip to Christ Hospital where I kept pretty good composure for a six year old until the doctor told me they would have to cut through the nightgown to get to my collarbone. That was when I flipped out! Nobody was cutting Wrestle Me Judy’s Care Bear nightgown!  I can remember my parents pleading with me to stop screaming and  they will buy me a new night gown and ice cream. Ice cream was Wrestle Me Judy’s favorite thing in the world so after some deep heaving breaths and some lingering sniffles, I gave in.

In the end, the bone healed but the worst part about breaking my collarbone was the loss of that Care Bear nightgown. I still think about it! The best part about breaking my collarbone was the enormous Gallon of Kemps Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream but I never did get that new Care Bear nightgown. Thanks, dad!


4 thoughts on “Wrestle Me Judy vs. He-man, Skeletor, and the glass table (A Throwback Thursday Slice)

  1. Oh the days of He-Man and Skeletor (They are still in my attic.) What an evening you had! I can tell you still harbor ill will towards the loss of your Care-Bear nightgown. Great story, now. Back then, a scary story.


  2. Once again you knock it out of the park with a funny tale from your childhood. You’re expressive language makes me feel like I was in the middle of the action! And my heart broke with the news of your beloved night gown being destroyed. 🙂


  3. Megan, this is just hilarious! That image of you jumping off the couch in your Care Bear nightgown to land on your unknowing dad and brother will not leave my mind (unfortunately). You put us right in your crazy mind with this Slice. Hilarious.


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