A Cardinal on Wednesdays

The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.

– CC Scott

Before my mother died, she told my sisters and I that she would prove to us that there is a heaven and even though she physically wouldn’t be here, there would always be signs that her spirit would be. She asked what she could do to give us a sign that she is around. “You should have me win the lottery,” responded Mary Ellen jokingly. My mother retorted with, “That’s impossible!” My mother then suggested that if we see a cardinal, we should know that in actuality it would be her flying among us.

Before my mother died, I admit that I did not have much faith in religion.  My parents sent me to private Catholic (and expensive) schools which may or may not have had anything to do with my lack of faith. After so many years of learning about  Adam and his gal pal made/rib mate Eve, Noah and  that animal infested ark, Moses and his endless burning bush; and then finding out that those stories were not actually true gave me the same feeling as when I was 9 and found out  Santa Clause was not real. I was angry that I was foolish enough to believe these miracles could actually happen. I then renounced my faith and began to tell people I was an atheist.  My mother was a devout Catholic and sometimes our differences on the existence of God would cause us to butt heads. She would say something like, “I’ll pray for you,” and I would snap back with something disrespectful like, “Maybe Jesus could ride his unicorn, and help he me instead?” Then we would not talk for the rest of the night.

After my mother died, I wanted to think that there was more to death than just being buried under the ground. My mother was such an amazing person, that if there was a heaven, she should be seated at the right hand side of God himself. So after she died, I decided to keep my eyes open for signs.  The signs were everywhere! Cardinals started popping up all over the place! I knew my mom was probably saying, “See Meg, I told ya!” I even went to a medium once to appease my sister in law because she needed a certain amount of people to attend. I was very pessimistic about giving someone money to tell me about visions only they could see. But this lady had me in awe at the stuff she was saying. “I see this beautiful woman with blue eyes, big smile, and a cardinal by her side. Are you the teacher, or care giver?” I couldn’t believe it!  Sometimes, when I walk my daughter down the street (weather permitting), a cardinal will fly around us.  At family parties, holidays, and important events a cardinal seems to make its appearance. But most importantly, there’s a cardinal at times where I don’t need the signs. Random days like a Wednesday or a Monday, a cardinal may perch itself on my fence just to let me know she’s there!


5 thoughts on “A Cardinal on Wednesdays

  1. I love this Megan. And I truly believe that the cardinals are your mother coming to visit you. People who has passed are always giving us signs that they are still with us. You’re lucky your mom was able to tell you what hers would be!


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