Pass the Tissues, We All Got Issues!

March 30, 2015

 don’t believe an accident of birth makes people sisters or brothers. It makes them siblings, gives them mutuality of parentage. Sisterhood and brotherhood is a condition people have to work at.

~Maya Angelou

I royally slacked this weekend on my slices.  I usually don’t slice anyways on weekends but I really wanted to write this weekend because it’s the last weekend and there are so many things I want to slice about still. So I have to prioritize. There are two major topics that I did not reflect much on this past month and those are: My siblings and my husband. Today is a little slice about having Mary Ellen, Mike, and Michele as my sisters and brother. Dan will go tomorrow!

I am the last child of four. By last child, I mean waaaaaaayyyyyyy last child. My mom thought she was going through menopause but it turned out to be MEG-OH-pause! When my dad found out she was pregnant again, he resided to the garage for the rest of the day(and most of then night) with a case of beer and cried. My sisters and brother tried to grasp the fact that the family dynamic was about to change. But was it going to be for the better or worse?

The closest sibling to my age is Michele and she is eight years older than me. Mike and Mary Ellen are eleven and twelve years older than me. The age difference doesn’t matter though, it never really did. I was always close to them; just some more than others, depending on the age.  My parents were amazing but like every human being, they were not without faults  and we were not a perfect family either.  I think it was the fact that their arguments and all out screaming wars were what made us kids so darn close.

I remember when I was around 4 or 5, my parents would start to shout at each other loud enough for the neighbors to hear so Mary Ellen would take me upstairs to dance to The Cure’s Close to Me which would eventually lead me to love that band and genre of music very much! Instead of getting scared at the yelling, I got excited because that was going to be Mary Ellen and my dance-party time. I even became a pretty good dancer depending on who was watching! When Mary Ellen left for college, Mike took over the job of distracting me from my parents’ arguments. Mike’s go-to in the event of an extreme swear-infested parent quarrel was to take me into our pool and swim. From the constant dunking, the throwing me into the air, the Marco Polo and Sharks and Mino games,  I was oblivious to hollering and became an amazing swimmer and lifeguard from that. Michele made the parent fights easier to go through during high school. She and I would jump in the car and smoke cigarettes while listening to boy bands on a very low volume so no one could hear us enjoying our guilty pleasure,  and then go shopping and eat our troubles away while my parents hashed out their issues. I’m sure other families do these things as well.  I’m just saying that it was always very thoughtful of them to include me when they could’ve left me with the wolves to fend for myself.

Of course, this probably sounds like I come from some sort of dysfunctional family where the parents fought often. The truth is they did, but they always made up and got over their problems with each other. I developed a pass the tissues we all got issues mentality from watching them. I asked my dad how he and my mom stayed together all those years, he responded with, “making up was always the best part!” gross! But sweet I guess! This slice does not in any way define what my childhood was. This was just an example of the imperfect human beings my parents sometimes were but I wouldn’t trade any of these experience for a million dollars. This is also just a slice of one of the many selfless and awesome things my brother and sisters did for me, which in a way molded me into the person I am today!



7 thoughts on “Pass the Tissues, We All Got Issues!

  1. Meg-opause was too funny! You were lucky that the siblings looked out for you when things were tense in the house. There are eleven years between my granddaughters. One will be graduating high school as the other enters kindergarten. I hope they have a close relationship.


  2. I’m with Elsie. That’s the line that made me laugh out loud. The title sticks too. It’s this play on the taking things at face value, everyone fights type of honesty that makes me appreciate you as a person and as a writer. Thank you for that. It’s a quality to be applauded and feels rarer and rarer these days. Your siblings sound like you were the best gift they ever got. Great slice. 🙂


  3. What a wonderful tribute to your siblings! I’m glad they were there for you and agree – our siblings help shape us as much as our parents. Thank you for your honest and well written slice.

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  4. Meg-o-pause! Hahahaha! You’re family was definitely NOT dysfunctional. All families have their dysfunctions and the most important thing is that your parents always worked things out and forgave each other. Marriage is not always rainbows and ponies…it’s really tough sometimes. I think they gave you a great gift of understanding how to get through the tough times and still love each other and keep a partnership. Kudos to your sisters and brother as well for watching out for their baby sister!


  5. Great slice Megan! You are so funny and brave! MEG-OH-pause! – that’s awesome! We all have dysfunction in our families and you were so brave for sharing yours. I think it’s amazing how thoughtful your sibling were to distract you from what could have been really scare for a little one. Pretty awesome how came away with something for each of the distractions, well not the smoking part I guess. 🙂 What a bond you all have – something unique. I guess it teaches you that nothing nor nobody is perfect, relationships take work, and your family loves you! Wonderful slice! Thanks for sharing!


  6. So awesome that you can take it at face value in some instances (your title—-which hooked me to read) but in other instances you were so insightful as to appreciate and attribute your current self to the actions of your kind siblings. As a parent that is my biggest wish that my two children can love and take care of each other like that (even when no one is looking) btw I understand being the waaaaay youngest (although I had never described it that way—I will now) I have five older siblings but I am 10 years from my closet sister.


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