Small Gestures

March 31, 2015

The older I get, the less time I want to spend with the part of the human race that didn’t marry me.

~Robert Brault

My husband, Dan, does about one million thoughtful things a year for me. He is constantly looking into my best interest and I just absolutely love him for that!  I will not state each thing because then this would not be a slice, it would be a whole damn pie! Instead, I am going to focus on one small but always appreciated gesture my husband does for me.

I’m not sure if anyone else has a particular obsession with folded potato chips but I do! When you put your hand into a bag of Lays Potato Chips to pull out a boring and flat chip to munch on and you unexpectantly pull out the taco-shaped chip instead.  I just love that! It’s like two chips in one and it’s the most perfect mistake in food existence!  I feel like I won the lottery for about 2 seconds before and after that chip is consumed.

Dan noticed this obsession within the first month we started dating. I believe people call the first few months of dating the Honeymoon Period where both people are on their best behavior, are incredibly thoughtful of one another, and the woman tends to eat salads when out to dinner instead of real food.  I am not that woman! Maybe, during the honeymoon period, I’ll order a quarter pounder cheeseburger instead of my usual double-bacon cheeseburger with an egg running over the sides,  and a side of chili fries but I was never just a salad girl.  Wish I was because I’d be a few pounds lighter (please don’t think I’m downing you, salad girls). Dan was always in awe at what I could devour. What really showed me his unconditional love was the time when he noticed me dissecting a bag of chips for the taco-shaped ones,” and didn’t run for the hills.  Instead, when I went to the bathroom or  “The Whiz Palace”, as l Iike to quote the great Leslie Knope, I returned to find all taco -shaped chips separated from the regular, boring, and circular chips.  I smiled for I knew I found my soul mate!

And he still gives me the folded chips 7 years later even after the honeymoon period supposedly ended. Now, when he hands me the taco chip, he says, ‘Ooh! Here’s a good one, babe!” I smile the same smile I did the first time he generously gave me the chip.  I always will! I love you, Dan


4 thoughts on “Small Gestures

  1. What a guy! I love the folded chip too, but never actually put that thought into words. Don’t you find kettle cooked chips have the best folded chips? BTW, I’m not so much a salad girl, my preference would be a bleu cheese burger or chili cheeseburger with homemade chips on the side.


  2. So, so glad you wrote about this! I love that you have this quirky addiction (but it IS YOU, so I’m not surprised!) and I love that Dan does this for you! I’m going to miss reading your slices! But I can hear them in person if you still stop for morning coffee chats!


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